Massage and Body Therapy with Kathy

Photos show a variety of different protocols including hot stone, high intensity G5 and other mobility techniques.

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Massage Protocols

  • TRIGGER POINT THERAPY  - Sustained pressure to release toxins in sore muscles
  • MYO-FASCIAL RELEASE - Promotes space and allows body to re-align nwith active release
  • SPORTS MASSAGE - Maintain mobility
  • DEEP TISSUE - Stimulates blood flow
  • SWEEDISH - Relaxation, calming
  • VACUUM CUPPING - Separates tissues, increased range of motion, used in all massage
  • G-5 - High vibrations to relax tissues
  • AIS STRETCHING - The Arron Mattis method
  • FREEDOM FROM PAIN - The Eric Dalton method



This is our body's glue that holds our body together from our head to our toes. A webbing of tissues woven into and swirling around all our muscles, nerves, and every organ. For a complete picture and information go to

MYO-FASCIAL RELEASE MASSAGE helps restore your mobility and flexibility and improves your lymphatics (immune system).


This is a machine used by massage therapists that moves along the top of the skin while sucking up the tissue below to allow water absorption and renew blood flow to undernourished and dehydrated tissue as well as the elimination of old waste and congestion. This is wonderful for releasing soft tissue, scars and restricted fascial areas.